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COSS Token & Weekly Payouts

The Crypto One-Stop Solution platform and exchange has its own cryptocurrency named COSS. COSS token generates an entire cryptocurrency portfolio to its holders derived from fees within the COSS system when cryptocurrency transactions take place. The COSS token holders are rewarded with weekly payouts in all cryptocurrencies supported at coss.io for utilizing the platform and the exchange.

What is COSS?

COSS stands for Crypto One-Stop Solution. We are your one-stop shop for all things crypto: an exchange, an e-wallet which supports a broad variety of tokens, a platform for ICO launches and promotional trading campaigns, a fiat gateway, a market cap widget, and more.

On COSS you can benefit from:



Keep track of all your transactions recorded and verified on the blockchain


Instant Conversion

Establish your own market and limit orders when trading. Instantaneously exchange BTC and ETH


State-of-the-art security

Store your funds safely in a digital wallet enhanced by advanced security features

Integrated Cash-Flow

Integrated Cash-Flow

Transfer your funds seamlessly between your digital wallet and the exchange within a single application


Registering an account on COSS immediately grants you access to its cutting-edge features:

Actively-traded token pairs

Exchange with Hundreds of actively-traded token pairs

Digital Wallet

Digital Wallet supporting 50+ cryptoassets

Cryptocurrency & ICO Listing

A constantly growing crypto marketplace

Regular Trading Promo campaigns

Participate and get rewarded with crypto

Dynamic trading fee

Dynamic trading fee that can drop to as little as 0.04%

Regulatory compliance

Complete regulatory compliance

FIAT deposits & withdrawals

FIAT deposits & withdrawals

Passive income

Passive income in crypto for holding COSS tokens

Simplicity & Convenience Redefined

Crypto-trading has never been easier. A single account gives you immediate access to multiple applications and unlimited possibilities

Day and Night Views

Customize your interface to trade with ease at all times by switching between dark and light modes

Compatible with any device of your choice

Access your funds & trade on any device seamlessly


Launch of the new exchange user interface

Onboarding the frontend & backend devs, and UI/UX engineer in Singapore

Mandatory 2FA

COSS Token upgrade - switch to ERC223

New Exchange Architecture / Improvement Features

Implementation of the new and improved KYC/AML/CTF procedures, e.g.,  automatic screening for blacklisted and politically exposed people,  Interpol, known terrorists, etc.

FIAT deposits and withdrawals from/to credit cards; trading fiat  against BTC, ETH and COSS

Mandatory KYC including facial recognition and ID validation,  screening of incoming cryptocurrency transactions, wallet screening  indicating the dark-web red-flagged wallets

Increase of the platform's usability to 250,000 registered accounts  (target)

Improvement/implementation  of the full UI (all pages)

Implementation of the ticketing system for customers support

Implementation and Testing of COSS 2.0

COSS Instabuy function

Launch of COSS 2.0

COSSPAY implementation/pilot

Scale to 500,000- 1,000,000 users

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