Rune Evensen, COSS CEO & Founder

Our Story

The idea for COSS originated in 2016 during an MIT Fintech course taken by Rune Evensen, the CEO and founder of COSS.

In the beginning, the concept seemed rather obvious, however, having done the necessary research, Rune realized that no one had attempted to create an integrated one-stop solution platform to operate cryptocurrencies before, or at least hadn’t been successful in bringing it to life.

Feedback, encouragement, and support from course participants convinced Rune to move on with developing COSS. In November 2016, the company name C.O.S.S. Pte Ltd was registered in Singapore, followed by the beta release of the exchange on April 1, 2017.

Throughout July to September, COSS ran pre-ICO and ICO campaigns before releasing the COSS token.

COSS Token

The Crypto One-Stop Solution platform and exchange has its own cryptocurrency named COSS. The COSS token was issued in September 2017 as a means of exchange and store of value for users. COSS generates an entire cryptocurrency portfolio to its holders derived from fees generated by the COSS system when cryptocurrency transactions take place.

This process is called the COSS TOKEN-BASED FEE SPLIT ALLOCATION. Here’s how it works: transaction fees charged on the COSS platform are split, sent to DAO, and then split again into equal fractions (50/50) between COSS and COSS token holders. In this way, the token holders receive weekly fractions of transaction fees for utilizing the platform. The Token-Based Fee Split Allocation snapshot automatically takes place every week on Mondays at 08:00 am UTC. The information about each snapshot is reflected on the user's dashboard after logging in.

'COSS token holders receive weekly fractions of the transaction fees for utilizing the platform.'

Our Goal

The principal purpose of COSS is already in its name 'Crypto One-Stop Solution'. Becoming a one-stop shop for the cryptocurrency enthusiasts is our ultimate goal. When such a universal solution is in place, cryptocurrencies have a higher chance of reaching the masses. We aim to participate in this massive adoption by offering multiple services associated with the use of cryptocurrency within a single digital platform and a single interface. The number of potential features possible to implement on COSS is infinite and will continue to grow as the platform evolves.


The number of COSS features is constantly growing. Improved merchant tools such as a payment gateway/POS system, and a merchant list will be added shortly combined into a cryptocurrency-friendly marketplace. That will, in turn, facilitate the mass adoption of cryptocurrency. Create an account to access all of COSS features and see for yourself.

Create an account to access all of COSS features and see for yourself.



COSS has an international team spread across the world with the managing board based in Singapore.

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