How to use COSS Tokens in MyEtherWallet

Step 1

Open your favorite browser and go to Click on "Contracts" button from the top bar.

Step 2

Copy the Contract ABI from

Step 3

Enter the following contract address 0x9e96604445ec19ffed9a5e8dd7b50a29c899a10c, as well as the copied Contract ABI from Etherscan.
Press the Access button

Step 4

From the 'Select a function' dropdown, choose activateRevenueShareIdentifier.

Step 5

Log in to your account on

Copy your Token Based Fee Split Allocation identifier from your Dashboard.


Step 6

Enter your Token Based Fee Split Allocation identifier in the appropriate field. Unlock your wallet and click the 'Write' button to save the data on the blockchain. Make sure you have enough ETH to pay for the gas.

Step 7

Enter 0 for Amount to Send and 200000 for Gas Limit. Press the 'Initiate Transaction' button.

Step 8

Click 'Yes, I am sure!'.

Then click the 'Initiate Transaction' button to start the transfer.

Step 9

The green bar should appear on the bottom of your page. When it appears, the transaction has been pushed to the blockchain. Press the 'View your transaction’ link to check transaction status.

After a few minutes, your transaction will be confirmed.

Step 10

You can check if your Token Based Fee Split Allocation identifier was setup by retrieving the data stored on the blockchain.

Step 11

In the function drop-down, select revenueShareIdentifierList and enter your public Ethereum address (starts with 0x).

Press the 'Read' button to check your identifier.

Step 12

The Token Based Fee Split Allocation identifier appears in the grey box. Check if it matches the identifier on your Dashboard on COSS.