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COSS allows you to list your cryptocurrency or token on both the Exchange and the Merchant Platform, and take advantage of the POS System to increase its adoption.
Aiming to bring cryptocurrencies to mass adoption COSS is gathering the most tradable and popular crypto assets on its exchange and the market cap ranking list in return for a very attractive and competitive trading fee. Fast and easy coin-listing. Make deposits in fiat currency supported by COSS.
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1) Fill in and submit a listing request on
2) Send a Legal Opinion issued by a Singapore Qualified Lawyer on your Token Model to [email protected] The Opinion should be based on whether the Token is considered a ‘Security’ under the Securities and Futures Act (Chapter 289) of Singapore.
3) Pay a listing fee and/or commit to a trading promo (4) on
 a) Direct listing of erc20 token = $20,000USD (payable in BTC, ETH or COSS)
 b) Separate chain token/coin = $30,000USD (payable in BTC, ETH or COSS)
4) Trading promo: Commit to a 30-day trading promo on by contributing a minimum of $50,000USD worth of your token. Promo pool will be split amongst the top 50 volume traders on your token pairs. + $5,000USD (payable in BTC, ETH or COSS) for legal review and administrative cost. is Corporate Member of: