COSS has an international team spread across the world with the managing board based in Singapore, and branches in New York and Bucharest (development team). Apart from having the core team members residing in the above-mentioned locations, we take a great advantage of being decentralized and inclusive at the same time by having team members spread across the world and contributing to COSS remotely.


Dan Cearnau
Team Leader and co-founder
Dan manages the technical aspects of the COSS system including the intricacies of the development and the security of the project’s information. (read more)
Haarek R. Andreassen
Research and Development Officer
Haarek is responsible for the product development of COSS and the research related to it. (read more)
Rune Evensen
Visionary and co-founder
Rune is the project’s champion directing and supporting the team. (read more)
Iulian Oprea
Technology Officer
Iulian manages the technical design and setting of COSS. He is a Computer Science Engineer with a six years experience in delivering software products. (read more)
Desmond Sieow
Financial Manager
Desmond manages accounting, bookkeeping, payrolls and reports. (read more)
Fitro Hermawan
User Experience (UX) Manager
Fitro creates the graphics and manages usability improvement of the COSS system. (read more)
Maria Popova
Content Manager
Converts the COSS vision into written words, manages COSS content and promotes the company in the media. (read more)


In our desire to bring cryptocurrencies to massive adoption we are eager to learn from experts in a variety of spheres such as business, IT, banking, finance, technology, innovation and marketing. We do not claim to know everything, but we ask the right people the right questions to bring the end-users services beyond their expectations.
Anson Zeall
Blockchain Industry & Community
Anson is the Chairman of ACCESS, Singapore’s Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Industry Association (read more)
John Bailon
Crypto Adoption Ecosystem Advisor
Since 2014, John has been building a Bitcoin ecosystem in the Philippines with the help of like-minded partners. (read more)
Miguel Cuneta
Crypto Adoption Ecosystem Advisor
Miguel is co-founder and the Chief Community Officer of SCI. (read more)
Stefan Neagu
Blockchain Technology
Stefan worked for ABN Amro and RBS as IT infrastructure officer gaining extensive expertise in banking-related applications (read more)
Mike Costache
Strategy / Investments
Mike never liked being put in a box so he spent the last 20 years as an entrepreneur, investment banker, author, professor, speaker, angel investor ... (read more)
Ionut Scripcariu
Payment Gateway and Card-Solutions
Ionut is currently a Managing Partner at Card Blue, a company issuing pre-paid MasterCard ... (read more)
Christian Hagmann
Corporate Strategy Advisor
Christian has 20+ years of experience in the energy sector with focus to the medium voltage networks, IT energy services ... (read more)
John Chrissoveloni
Equity and Trading Advisor
Throughout his career John has been president and shareholder of a few companies in Bucharest in the spheres ranging from real estate and IT to finance. (read more)
Zach Piester
Strategy / Investments
Zach is an innovation, digital transformation, venture investor, growth executive and public speaker. (read more)
Peter Sundström
Disruptive Technology Advisor
Peter Sundstrom is a Solution Architect with focus and skillsets at finding disruptive technology trends. (read more)

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